Delta N.E.Y.O.

Now serving our community for fifteen years, Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization (Delta N.E.Y.O.) is a nonprofit organization that continues striving to expand educational programs and offer more opportunities to the community.  We seek to provide better education and lives for families in our community and surrounding areas. 


Based out of Dumas, AR., Delta N.E.Y.O.’s mission is to empower and encourage youth and their families in poverty stricken areas to stay active in their schools, communities and homes by providing education, mentoring and tutoring.  The goal of Delta N.E.Y.O. is to engage youth, families and community based organizations, schools, law enforcement agencies, and city officials to work together in creating affordable and/or free programs and services for all families.


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Our annual Hood-Nic, (Neighborhood Picnic) has taken place the weekend of spring break of every year. Our goal is to raise funds, which will provide scholarships and more to deserving individuals. Our mission is to rebuild, reunite, and respond to the needs of our communities. 

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Empowering the youth of Dumas since 2004.